The Tenant’s Guide to Rent Relief


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These are uncertain and unprecedented times for landlords and business owners alike. With that in mind, we’ve written our guide to answer common questions about rent relief and prepare small business owners for discussions with their landlords. This guide, with contributions from Janet Galvin and David Cobb, will help you navigate these rough waters.

We hope this offers retail and restaurant tenants some guidance on an inevitable conversation during these turbulent times.

For the lenders and landlords out there, let us know your thoughts, struggles and constraints. We’re all in this together and open communication is key.

Many CRE leaders have been sharing these insights along with creative ideas on how to move forward.

Download the Guide below, or view it on LinkedIn.

Jon Hellein

Jon Hellein

I’m a dedicated Tenant Rep specialist working with top tier retail & restaurant concepts throughout Florida. Over the last decade, I’ve facilitated hundreds of transactions and helped multiple businesses thrive. Through this experience, I learned to develop strategic growth plans, identify strong sites and lay the framework for long-term success through effective and aggressive negotiations. I also have an unbelievable team of partners at Archon to use as a sounding board or to gain insight when a unique situation arises.

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