18 Popular Tenants Taking Market Share in Orlando


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Back in 2009, I realized that the identification of key retail & restaurant concepts was crucial to success in this industry. That prompted me to start a Retail Database that became a comprehensive spreadsheet of more than 750 retail & restaurant concepts operating in Central Florida. It was how I would wrap my arms around and truly understand the chess pieces in this market.

Let’s Get Started

Lately, the Archon team has been tracking a more specific group of concepts – the disruptors. These retail & restaurant brands are, by definition, changing the status quo within their category. They are altering customer shopping patterns and taking market share.

Types of Brands We Track:

· Legacy

· Growth

· Contracting

· Disruptors

popular tenants orlando

UBreakIFix StorefrontSuccessful disruptors are not overly concerned with the current competitive environment. They charge full steam ahead on their own path – confident in their product, people and processes. Jeremiah’s Italian Ice, Graffiti Junktion and Four Rivers Smokehouse expansion was opportunistic and well-timed. Why? They strategically expanded during a recession. Others like WaWa, Orange Theory Fitness & Trader Joe’s then expanded into the upswing. Established legacy brands should take notice and potentially adapt to customer shopping patterns & preferences. In hindsight, Radio Shack could have pivoted to become uBreakiFix. This is not exclusive to Retail CRE – disruption occurs in every industry.

Jon Hellein

Jon Hellein

I’m a dedicated Tenant Rep specialist working with top tier retail & restaurant concepts throughout Florida. Over the last decade, I’ve facilitated hundreds of transactions and helped multiple businesses thrive. Through this experience, I learned to develop strategic growth plans, identify strong sites and lay the framework for long-term success through effective and aggressive negotiations. I also have an unbelievable team of partners at Archon to use as a sounding board or to gain insight when a unique situation arises.

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